Monday, March 13, 2017

WinMe Policy (User Data)


Article 0. General provisions

0.1. We are the Game Board WinMe. You are a customer - a user of our Game WinMe game service. Using our service means you accept the terms of our service.

0.2. The terms in this document apply to all WinMe Game customers, regardless of whether they are new registered users, trial players or other customers.

0.3. We reserve the right to change these terms at any time. Therefore, you need to keep track of our updated information regularly.

Article 1. Confidential user information

WinMe game requires some user rights when installing and using the application as follows:

1.1. Permissions allow the application to receive notifications to remind users to return to the game or to have interesting events going on.

1.2. The right to take screenshots is playing the game and then saved in the gallery to be able to send game errors to the game board.

1.3. The right to claim a user name in the game name (player name).

1.4. The right to request internet access as this is an online game.

1.5. The right to keep the screen active (unlocked) so that the app does not automatically lock the screen while playing.

1.6. The permission required to keep the application running in the background so that if the user passes to another application, will allow to return to the application quickly.

Article 2. Account management

2.1. You must be 18 years or older to register as a member and own a WinMe Game account.

2.2. Membership information includes: username and password.

2.3. You must enter the correct cell phone number to receive support as needed. All transactions related to the account (password recovery, information support ...) and settlement of complaints will be handled through this phone number.

2.4. You have the right to change and update your personal information. In case of necessity, We reserve the right to require you to verify the information provided by you.

2.5. You are responsible for securing your account and not allowing others to share your account and password.

2.6. Our service responsibilities to you apply only if you are a registered customer and provide accurate personal information. If you incorrectly declare what we ask for, we reserve the right to discontinue providing support services.

2.7. Your account will be deleted from the system one of the following:

2.7.1. Account does not work within 30 days of registration;

2.7.2. Account is not active within 180 days of the most recent transaction.

2.8. Privacy: The personal information you provide during the registration process will be kept confidential and may only be used for internal purposes, such as using information we collect from you to improve your privacy. Improve our service. We will not provide any of your personal information to a third party except where necessary for the purpose of investigating and resolving issues relating to the law.

Article 3. Transactions in WinMe game post

3.1. You must be responsible for all transactions in your game, as well as information posted on the chat or on the forum.

3.2. You need to use polite, civilized language when communicating with other members and when asking for help with information from Us.

3.3. When you need assistance, please contact us through our Customer Care channels and give us specific, detailed questions about our services. We will not process support requests when we detect signs of dishonestly supplied information.

Article 4. Prohibited acts

- Trading or transferring accounts

- Purchase or transfer money in the game

- Use unheard-of user name and image, bad or negative

- Cheating, taking advantage of the loophole of the game to profit

- Propagate, combat and distort information that is politically motivated, religious or racist

- Use other programs, tools or forms to interfere with the game or alter the normal game (hack, cheat, bots)

- distribute, disseminate or promote any activity that interferes with, disrupts or infiltrates the game and server data.

- Unauthorized login or attempt to log in illegally as well as damage the server system of the game

- Harassing, harassing or offending other players and members of the board

Impersonate or knowingly making others think that they are another player in the game

- Propagate, combat and distort government, political institutions, and state policies

- Discuss issues of politics, religion, ethnicity, gender, and other sensitive topics

- Disruptive, compromising the reputation of the game products as well as the publishing company in any way

- Advertise, advertise classified ads, disturb information

- Use gaming to organize forms of betting, gambling or other illegal arrangements

- Other acts of vandalism or other illicit profiteers.

Article 5. Handling of violations

5.1. If we find that you violate one of the sections of "Article 4", we will immediately lock your account without prior notice. At the same time, we can prosecute on a case-by-case basis based on the severity of the violation. We can also provide the information of the offender to the authorities for legal action.

5.2. We reserve the right to make any changes or additions to the terms of infringement at any time.

5.3. We strongly recommend that you strictly follow the rules in this "Terms of Use". At the same time, we are happy to receive your feedback on breaking cases that aim to build a healthy entertainment environment - equal to all our customers.

Article 6. Indemnification

6.1. We disclaim any responsibility for the content or accuracy of information posted by members or from external websites.

6.2. All information, features of the use of WinMe games can be updated at any time to better fit the needs of customers and the development of services. We will have a notification on your system and ask you to keep up to date. Therefore, we are not responsible for any incidents that occur because you did not update the information previously reported.

6.3. We are not responsible in any cases involving your defect or third party error such as: interruption or defect of transmission to / from the service, our website By the Internet service provider or the individual user; Bugs, viruses, spyware, or similar software may be transferred to / from our system by a third party; Errors or omissions in the content of the news or damages caused by your use of the content on or through the third party.

6.4. You agree to waive our liability to us in cases of force majeure, such as short-circuiting, hardware or software damage, or due to natural disasters, war ... and accept damages (if any).

Article 7. Complaints

7.1. The WinMe gaming account system only supports the resolution of complaints within 7 days from the transaction date. Upon the expiry of 7 days from the transaction date, WinMe account holders lose the right to complain about such transaction.

7.2. When denouncing or complaining about another account, you should clearly state the denominated account name, claim and violation of that account. To protect your rights, please provide all three details of your account (including ID, security question and answer, email address when registering your account) and contact information. necessary.

7.3. In the process of making a complaint, you can ask the clerk to lock up your account to protect the property, preserving the remaining Krao in your account.

7.4. In case of denunciation, the hacking complaint Gold is not true, your account will be fined for 2 weeks.

7.5. In the event of a dispute subject to dispute, we have a responsibility to notify you of a specific time.

Article 8. Terms on receiving gifts, redeeming reward

8.1. WinMe games will be fully responsible for the redeeming, receiving of gifts in the game (if any).

8.2. WinMe gaming claims Apple Inc. Or other partners are not responsible for receiving gifts, redeeming prizes in the WinMe game and not sponsoring WinMe items to give gifts to users in any arising transactions.

8.3 The redeeming and receiving of gifts is made entirely in the WinMe game such as: donating Krao to the player; Raise level, star, title, of players when reaching a certain level; Give presents, gift boxes, decorations in the game.

8.4 Game WinMe pledged not to perform the transaction of gift giving, game redeeming bonus.

The above are the 9 terms used in the WinMe Game, the Game Player please read these terms of use to avoid unfortunate circumstances.

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